Life Coaching

Life Coach

Your personal life including relationships, feelings and emotions, and general strategies for getting the most out of your life as possible.

This is more than just helping you solve your problems, this is life coaching to help you to have a full and satisfying life.

If anxiety, depression, fears, overwhelm and frustrations have been a struggle for you recently, the tools we offer can help tremendously. Also, if you want to start doing something that you haven’t been able to do in the past… like start and stick to an exercise regime or play a musical instrument, these tools are fabulous.

Want to improve your social skills?

Just about anything you want to improve, the modern tools used are remarkable. Find out why life coaching has become so popular and why our clients love us.

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Business Coach

Maximize leadership skills, master influencing and selling, successfully set and reach goals; these tools are meant to assist you in succeeding in business.

With the latest technology being used you can quickly see quantifiable differences in your outcomes.

Feel better, make more money, and get more satisfaction. Remove whatever is stopping you from succeeding at the level that you know you can succeed in.

Learn optimism at a level that comes automatically and unconsciously. You never again have to settle in any endeavor in business.

The self employed, entrepreneurs, anybody running their own business… salespeople, employees, managers; we are here for you.

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Wellness Coach

Physical health starts with emotional balance, clarity, and good habits. Receiving coaching on health and wellness is a very important criteria for all of us.

This is more than losing weight, or sleeping better, you now can have optimum health and wellness at all levels.

Learn some ‘brain hacks’ to increase your energy, better your love life, and minimize body aches and pains. Yes, we even work with you on serious health problems using NLP and other amazing strategies.

Many actions are merely practical and simple steps to know about and utilize. With wellness coaching you are educated, reminded, prodded, and helped to use all the modern resources available.

Many are turning to life, health, and wellness coaches. Look into it. Wellness coaching may surprise you.

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NLP Coach

Neuro Linguistic Programming, NLP, is my preferred tool for making sure there are shifts made both to the conscious and unconscious mind.

This includes shifting and eliminating limiting beliefs, bad habits and working with and installing new ways of thinking and feeling.

There are many tools in the therapy and psychology world such as Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, EFT, Holographic Re-patterning, etc. I do use some of these as well, but NLP is the base model used for brain hacks and fast shifts.

A very practical and helpful facet of NLP is something that is called, “Meta Programs”, which is a form of typology and personality tendencies.

With skilled use of these tools, your coaching experience is quick and painless.

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Real Estate Agent Coach

Real Estate Agent Coaching has long been a base for my professional coaching career. I have past experience in selling real estate as a Realtor and as a Real Estate Broker.

Accountability, sales training, mind set, staying on track, alternative forms of advertising and marketing; all of these are topics for the real estate agent coaching room.

Higher production, less time at work, and more work satisfaction is the goal.

With my help, agents all over the nation have been able to quickly clarify and identify what’s most important to them in their real estate career. Then we work together to reach those goals in ways that you can’t find anywhere else.

Contact me for a list of referrals.

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Marketing Coach

When it comes to business, it all starts with good marketing strategies and habits.

I do more than just coach and consult small business marketing, I build Internet systems and networks to help you quickly and easily locate and close new business.

I learned how to market on the Internet and now have a clientele that I’ve been helping to do the same; produce new leads online.

Using Search Engine Optimization, lead producing websites, social media marketing and other techniques, you will soon have all the business you can handle.

If you don’t choose marketing coaching at this time, you can still use my free consultations and services to dominate your market on and offline.

Contact me for more details and enjoy the posts on this blog for tips you can use yourself anytime.

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