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All coaching categories; life coaching, business coaching, sales coaching, real estate agent coaching, health and wellness coaching.

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Online Training and Classes

Webinars and Telephone Conference Training

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Safeguard Yourself Against Abusive Relationships

Say, “never again” to abuse! Learn how to avoid and end hurtful love affairs even if you are in fear now, feeling trapped, tend to be passive, or have a pattern of falling for the wrong person.

Click here to access this course and learn how to stop physical or emotional abuse in your life.

Time Line Process

Shift hidden “bad” mental programming or let go of past negative experiences in minutes.

Click here to access the Time Line Process and quickly eliminate any and all negative emotions that you may be suffering; sadness, frustration, depression, anxiety, fear, anger, shamed, embarrassed, afraid, betrayed, disappointed, hurt, confused, devastated, grieved, or lonely, to mention just a few.

Don’t Be a Scaredy Cat

Click here to get the four lessons with video training teaching you the virtues of trust and how to get it and use it to create the life you desire.

The fourth lesson includes step-by-step instructions on a new NLP Process called, The Re-Focusing Pattern, that programs your mind for success.

Also, listen to the audio case study examples of your coaches using this new process with themselves to attain their goal.