Marketing Coaching Services

Reaching your sales and business goals happen when you know how to market well. Marketing includes more than just advertising. Marketing means you find and cultivate prospective customers and clients on a consistent basis.

Marketing could include the Internet Marketing arena which takes in things such as websites, blogs, social network marketing, pay-per-click ads, etc. It can also mean networking, referral based marketing, repeat customer business, cold-calling, and follow-up. Obviously, any form of advertising is included.

There are two main facets involved with marketing coaching; first, the best strategies to use for your individual business. That also means, knowing how to apply these strategies or who to hire to administer them for you.

The second facet that a marketing coach helps you with is the psychological side of things. Do you have any “call reluctance,” for example? What is your motivational level? Are you using the most appropriate mindset for the job? Do you lack clarity? Do you need help with scripts and other things to communicate with conviction, confidence, and persuasion?

I have had the joy of successfully marketing my businesses over many years and the privilege of coaching many entrepreneurs, salespeople, small business owners, CEO’s, etc., over three decades. I love marketing, and believe anyone can become at good at it with training, coaching, and hard work.

If you’re willing to do what it takes, I’m willing to help you. Contact me soon.