NLP Coaching

Neuro-Linguistic Programming, NLP, is a way to “program” your mind to create the outcomes you want in your life. With NLP coaching, I help you to use your mind to cause you to avoid what is detrimental and to achieve what you hope to accomplish.

Here are seven important NLP tools:


  • Modeling:

Learn how to imitate the “patterns-of-thought” of successful people. NLP causes your brain to assimilate and utilize what others do to succeed, usually at an unconscious level of thought.

  • Presuppositions:

These are the hidden beliefs and assumptions the mind makes that sets your direction in life, your attitudes, and what causes you to get what you are getting. With NLP techniques, I help you to identify your unconscious Presuppositions so that you can change them when it would serve you better. This adjustment alone is incredibly impactful in causing shifts in your life.

  • Anchors:

There are many “things” that cause you to feel particular emotions, either resourceful or not, that are entirely unconscious. A particular smell can make you feel like you are safe-and-sound and at home; a song can cause you to feel sad; a certain look on someone’s face can cause you to feel instant annoyance. With NLP coaching, I help you to identify anchors and collapsed them when they are causing you to feel or behave in non-productive ways. In fact, you can even create resourceful anchors that cause you to present yourself well. As an example, one simple but effective NLP process I use is to help you feel calm, relaxed, and in charge when you hold on to a steering wheel. This is very helpful when you want to take a “chill pill” if you’re going to drive in heavy traffic.

  • Reframes:

A “frame” is the way you are looking at something; a “reframe” is to change that perspective by setting the content of your thoughts in a different context. If for example, you are embarrassed because someone said “no” to you, you can set your mind to think about it in a way that it’s like you’re looking at it 25 years from now — this is a ‘Time Re-frame’. When your mind registers the event to you in that way, it just doesn’t seem so bad. NLP uses these kinds of structures regularly to help you deal with negative past events and future anxieties that could be getting in your way.

  • nlp-co-creatorNLP Processes:

NLP Processes has made NLP famous. An “NLP Process” is a formal step-by-step tool used to cause the neurology to change its way of thinking about something. Here is a list of some of the more popular NLP processes: The Swish Pattern, The Six Step Reframe, The Behavior Generator, The Counter-Example Process… also known as The Allergy Process, Time Line Therapy, (one of my personal favorites), Core Transformation, Core Question, and the Foreground-Background Process… just to name a few. There are hundreds of them. And they have been developed, used and tested over the last 48 years very effectively. They work!

  • Metaphor:

Through the use of analogy, comparisons, illustrations, and stories, the sub-conscious mind can take on entirely new and more effective belief systems, attitudes, and motivations. It is a rare coaching session that doesn’t have many metaphors used throughout so that you develop patterns of thought that support you well.

  • Meta-Programs:

NLP uses the metaphor of a computer as a comparison for the human mind. In many ways, there are software programs of the mind that you don’t even realize you are using, or unfortunately, not using when it would benefit you do so. Here’s an obvious example: Feeling lonely? Maybe simply using the “introvert” instead of the “extrovert” alone will do the trick. I show you how so that it’s natural and easy to do. There are hundreds of such type of mental programs and mindsets that NLP calls “meta-programs” that can be considered and “re-programmed” so that operate at optimal performance in all the different contexts you live in.

A Message to an NLP Coaching Prospective Client

Here is an email I recently wrote to someone inquiring by email about my coaching. Perhaps it will give you some idea of the benefits of choosing to have me coach you. Since this person doesn’t know anything about NLP I don’t say much about it here, but please notice what NLP cand do for this person:

Dear XXXX,

May I suggest to you as I do to everyone else that is interested in looking into coaching with me, first please enjoy a courtesy consultation with me. It only takes from 20 to 30 minutes.

(If that’s enough for you to connect with me, then simply stop reading now and reply and set up an appointment. (The following information below is provided only in the case you may want to know more, but it’s not necessary for you to read all of it if you already know you want to speak with me.) My phone number is (719) 647-7657. You can call, or contact me by email and I’ll do the dialing, either is great. Please just let me know when a good time for you is.)

A brief consultation is the first step for you to take because the best way for you to understand what I do is for us to chat first. Then, sometimes it’s even good for you to try out and enjoy an actual sample coaching appointment so that you can experience it first hand before you determine if what I do is a fit for you at this time of your life and if you believe it is helpful to you or not.

You may find it interesting to know that my clients come from every walk of life; from teenagers to the elderly, athletes, performers, homemakers, government workers, small business owners, entrepreneurs, and multi-millionaire international company owners. I work with janitors, employers as well as employees, managers, salespeople and team leaders.

I work with every religiously and non-religiously oriented type of person there is because how I do what I do is done without personal judgment or prejudice on my part. It’s about HOW the mind functions, not what the person’s mind believes.

I help “super achievers” and “top producers” that look for “tough mental coaching” to get to the next level. Conversely, I coach so-called “failures,” (ouch, I cringe even to write that down,) to start believing in themselves again so they can start feeling like they can function in the world.

I help you to get clarity and to feel like you can get some momentum to move in the direction you want to get going in… Often, surprisingly fast.

I help people deal with emotions and feelings such as guilt, remorse, fear, anger, hatred, self-hatred and self-condemnation, depression, anxiety, addictions, and insatiableness… you name it. I help people to overcome destructive habits as well as start the “healthy” habits they prefer.

My success rate has been extraordinary. Not always 100%, but all in all, people like what I do for them. (Of course, you are very welcome to a list of references of both present and past clients. They always enjoy talking with someone who is thinking about trying out my coaching. My most enthusiastic advocates are the ones that have experienced what I do.)

What I do is based on cognitive behavioral principles… that is the belief that, “How we think about our circumstances is what creates our happiness, or lack of it, and not so much the circumstances in themselves.”

My favorite model is something called, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, or NLP, for short. It’s a form of scripting thought patterns that, among other things, work with our emotions so that we can quickly cause ourselves to do or feel better in any particular area.

I have sought out training in Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, Time Line Therapy, (don’t let the word “therapy” scare you… I DON’T do “Talk Therapy”), and something called, Typology, which is sort of like a form of understanding personality types, but without pre-judging and putting someone in  a pigeon whole.

Most that have been one of my clients usually think of themselves as a client and of me as “their coach” from that point on, even though sometimes all we did was one single session. You can have several sessions or continuous. It’s up to you. I have some clients that email me and ask for some help on something they’re dealing with every now and then and others that get coaching month after month year after year without a pause.

There is no ‘one way’ to do coaching. It depends on your needs, your personality, your budget, and your intentions. We’re totally flexible. It works for me as long as it works for you.

By the way, with my coaching, there is no deep trance “hypnosis” involved, nevertheless, the unconscious emotional part of the neurology shifts to cause you to reach your goals with my use of NLP in our coaching sessions. It’s quite amazing.

I hope you found this explanation helpful.

So, what can I do for you?  Let me know and I’ll be there to help you.

Please respond to this email and let me know when a good time is for you to talk.


~Dale T. Diaz NLP MP

If you are interested in learning more about NLP and NLP coaching, please contact me by email or give me a call at 720-644-6116.

Credits: Neuro-Linguistic Programming was founded by Dr. Richard Bandler and Dr. John Grinder. Thanks to them and many other early pioneers in this study.